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"Rachel's English Academy is the culmination of my 10 years of teaching English. I'm not new to this! My YouTube lessons have more than 60 million views and my 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers have been studying my free weekly lessons every Tuesday since 2008! 

My method isn't experimental or gimicky. It's from my heart and it's my passion. It's been vetted by millions of students from every part of the world. I've worked hard and I'm proud: in my opinion Rachel's English Academy is the #1 online English language school in the world. My method works. Period. And that's not just my can check out some of my students' perspectives in the video above and in the written testimonials written by my students.

This is a training program. Yes, you'll acquire a huge amount of knowledge in the Academy but it’s much deeper than that. Alongside all of the new knowledge you’re taking in, the Academy provides you with all of the training tools you need. I will teach you concepts, yes, but the key is the training regimen that the Academy lays out. You’ll have every tool necessary to drastically improve your comprehension and spoken English. The harder you train, the faster you'll make progress.

My teaching and training methods are out of the ordinary. I'm not starting from a by-the-book methodology. Instead, my method has grown organically out of my years of music training and working with students. 

This is about deeply and permanently improving your English comprehension and mastering the sounds of the English language. My secrets and tips are gleaned from my years of work with students. The courses and training approach I've created are time-tested and gauranteed.

I’ve consulted with organizations; taught thousands of individuals and groups via stand-alone courses; pioneered the use of online live-classroom technologies to reach a global student body; been interviewed in print media and multiple podcasts; and perfected my method across years and years of teaching English online. 

There's no substitute for working with an expert teacher. I want you to learn all the skills, tricks, and techniques that are uniquelly mine. No one teaches the way I do and you'll notice the difference immediately. 

I'm confident that you'll love the Academy. But please know this: if you don't feel like you're learning in new and powerful ways just let me know anytime during the first 30 days and you'll be refunded immedately. My 30-day money-back gaurantee has absolutely no strings attached!"

See you in class,


Here's what one of my Academy students, Daniel S (Mexico), has to say:

“The only regret I have is that I didn’t find you years earlier. I looked for a course exactly such as the one you provide very hard and for very long but I am glad I finally found it. I think your course will do much good to many people and I have been recommending it to anyone I think will draw benefit from it. Thanks so much for this training!!!”

Rachel’s English Academy is a dynamic collection of language learning tools. Here's what you'll get: 

1) All 15 (fifteen!) of my full-length English courses. This is the core of the Academy. Sold individually, each of these 15 courses are a $97 value. They are dense, technical and sophisticated—yet they're made in my conversational, personal style. There’s so much to learn and train with in each course, and new material is added every month. That's why your subscripion is so valuable in the long term: your enrollment fee never changes, but the Academy keeps on growing!  

I take immense pride in each of these classes—you'll learn everything I know and get the full insider's view of my tips and trainng strategies. You can scroll down for a summary and video introduction to several of the courses! I'm even letting you peek at one of my course's full outlines so that you understand what I mean by "dense and technical"—check out the Consonants course description and you'll have a good understanding of what I'm talking about!

2) A detailed Daily Plan that breaks down the vast Academy offerings into a specific sequence of lessons that maximize your study efforts. This sequence is my linear point-by-point method, tested and refined across 10 years of teaching thousands of students. I don't know how to put a dollar value on this because it's the accumulation of everything I know. It's the full roadmap to moving from where you are to where you want to be! I've spent so much time and energy creating this pathway—all you need to do is get started and follow my lead.

Your enrollment gives you access to take the Academy courses in any order you see fit—you know your learning needs best!—but following the Daily Plan keeps you organized and moves you toward deeper comprehension and more natural speaking in the most strategic way. Every time you log in to the Academy your Daily Plan brings you to exactly where you left off! 

3) Live Class with me! The Academy is the one and only place where I teach live classes to my students. Every month you’ll be in class—live!—with me. My high-tech, fully-interactive online classroom is phenomenal. You can raise your hand, ask a question, and interact with your peers. My classroom is so fun! Each live class involves lecture and live work with individual students. You can volunteer to work with me in front of the entire international classroom! We all learn together during class. My live classes are an incredible item on their own: each one is a $37 value. 

Being in class with my students is my favorite part of the Academy! If you've learned from my weekly YouTube lessons or beneited from my free Mini Course, can you imagine how much your learing would increase if you had class with me every month? Imagine being able to raise your hand and ask me a question during class. My classroom technology is so good that it's almost like being in the same room! I'd love to have you in class this month.

4) The Rachel’s English Academy Facebook group. Where do I even start?!? The Academy’s student-only Facebook group is unbelievable. This is where you can: find study partners from around the world (and new friends, too!); create study groups for particular courses; ask questions that are answered by more experienced students; post video homework assignments and get detailed feedback from other students (and me!). And on and on and on. The Facebook group is only for Academy students and is truly amazing. You’ll be blown away by studying alongside this outstanding group of students from all over the world. I couldn’t even begin to think how to put a dollar value on membership in the Facebook group!’s impossible. But I can say this without a doubt: membership in the Facebook group—on it's own!—is worth the monthly enrollment fee.  

5) Interactive audio assignments that train your ear and hone your spoken English skills. As you work with my method you’ll begin to appreciate (and benefit incredibly from) the way my audio boards enhance course learning. There’s no other way to say it: the audio features of the Academy are incredible. You’ll love the way their technical sophistication is balanced with ease-of-use. I can’t wait for you to see what I mean! I made a huge investment in creating these soundboards and my students are reaping the rewards every day by training with them.

It was a huge task to create these completely custom soundoards. I built them myself from the ground up. You'll be shocked by how much this one aspect of the Academy affects your learning. If I were to sell the soundboards as a stand-alone training tool it would retail for well over $100. It's truly that powerful and comprehensive. Talk about value: your monthly enrollment grants you full access to every soundboard in the Academy instantly! It's hard to describe how helpful the soundboard technology is to your learning. Enroll today and see what I mean!

6) Quizzes and Challenges that are fun and engaging, and that give you tons of feedback on your listening comprehnsion, what to focus on and where you need to put in maximum effort going forward. Joining the Academy means making a commitment to hearing what you're doing well and what you're not. If that sounds like what you're looking for...if you truly enjoy growing from your mistakes!...then this is the school for you. Some people don't want (or can't handle) feedback and, honestly, they're not the best fit for the Academy.  

"It's simple: If you're not 100% satisfied within 30 days I'll send your money back."

I want you to improve your English and Rachel's English Academy is the best possible place to do it. I have poured my heart and soul into this (and continue to do so every single day!) and I firmly beleive that if you do the work and follow my lead you're going to be thrilled with the results. 

But I also want you to know that I have the best money-back gaurantee in the business. No questions, no strings attached. If you aren't 100% satisfied with the Academy in the first 30 days I'll send you your money back. That's it. You just send me an email and I send your money back. I don't think that's going to happen, but if it does, you won't hurt my feelings. This is what I'm passionate about and if it's not right for you, please just say the word. 

One of my Academy students sent me this feedback:

When I’m studying in the Academy I’m confident that I have found the best place to improve my American accent. This is because of the way you teach. It is so unique and different from others—and so easy to understand.  

And I love how the Facebook group keeps me motivated. This is one of the best things you have created!  

  I also very much appreciate your subscription model. There are many online schools and I’ve bought a couple of their curricula (which were not subscription models) and I am not satisfied with them. But I cannot cancel them because I was forced to pay up front! If they had been a subscription model I would have stopped them during the first month. Not only is your curriculum better than theirs, but it’s great for students that we get a choice to stop learning or keep going :)  

Thank you!  


I Want You to Know Who I Am!

I want you to know a little bit about who I am. I'm asking you to trust me fully and become my student so it's only fair that you know exactly who I am and how Rachel's English got started! Believe it or not it all started with my passion for…opera! Yup, you heard me right. Opera speaks deeply to me and I completed a masters degree in Opera Performance at Longy School of Music in Boston and performed professionally for several years.  

Singing opera means, necessarily, singing in languages other than English. It's critical that as a singer you master the sounds of the language in which you're performing. And that's where my English teaching method has its roots. I'm not asking my students to do anything I haven't done! I earn my students' trust because my method is directly tied to my expierence as a language learner! I'm always completely honest: Rachel's English Academy is not from-the-book. This is real and hard-earned knowledge from my own life and expereinces. I teach what I know and it all goes back to opera.  

My performing days are over but the musicality of language—its rhythm, balance, tone and patterns—has informed everything I’ve built into the Academy. Music speaks deeply to me: I can be moved to tears by music in a way that nothing else can replicate. Music and language are at the core of who we are and I have a reverance and deep love for both! When you enroll in the Academy I want you to know that I'm going to push you to be your best. Not everyone wants to be pushed so I understand if you're not interested. But to me, the beauty that we encounter as we learn the nuances of music and language are absolutely energizing. 

Yes, the journey toward deeper comprehension and sounding more like a native speaker is painful and difficult. Yet it's in becoming completely vulnerable and pushing ourselves that we find beauty and fulfillment. That's been my experience and I hope you'll join me and make it yours, too!

I live with my husband and son in Philadelphia. New York City is deep in my veins from my many years there and I visit as often as I can. I also LOVE to travel. I’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout the US as well as internationally, including the time I spent living in the Dominican Republic and Germany. I’d love to travel to every country on the planet!

 Speaking of Germany, I want to tell you a bit more about my time there. It was a magical time of studying opera and traveling throughout the country. And it’s where Rachel’s English was born! I was working alongside people from all over the world who were using English to build friendships and pursue their dreams. Many of the people I met were not native English speakers and I realized that I had a real knack for helping them sound more natural. That was the beginning of this incredible journey of helping people. It’s been a deeply satisfying and humbling journey. And I’m now immensely pleased to offer you enrollment in the Academy, which encompasses all of my years of wisdom and learning.  

I know how hard it is to move beyond pursuing fluency to sounding like a native speaker. I know it because I’ve traveled that journey myself. I know intimately and viscerally how hard it is. My entire 10 year teaching career has been devoted to helping English speakers conquer that task. I know it’s not easy—I’ve been there!—but if you can trust yourself and dive deeply into my method I am totally confident that you’ll be rewarded. You can do it! It's time to get started. 

Want to know exactly what my Academy courses are like? Check it out:

Course: Pronunciation Foundation

This course is called Pronunciation Founation, and whether you’re intermediate or advanced it’s important to spend time here. For a lot of advanced learners, the concepts laid out here are what make the final difference in sounding American.  

In this course, you’ll find the correct placement for American English. This is extremely important for reducing your accent. You’ll get even better at imitating. Remember, the better you are at imitating Americans, the more natural your English will be.  

You’ll also learn how to break down English into just the rhythm and just the melody, and how to practice these in isolation – this is really important for mastering the character of American English.  

The skills you’ll learn in this course will apply to everything else you study. You will lay a solid foundation.

Course: Vowels and Diphthongs

To improve your speaking skills you need to train like a musician or an athlete. This course gives you all the training material you need to ‘find’ the vowel sounds of American English and get your body used to making the sounds accurately. You’ll find up to 100 words to help you train each vowel or diphthong sound into your muscle memory. If you can’t quite understand the pronunciation you’re hearing, you can play the audio at 50% speed.  

One of the hardest things about the vowel and diphthong sounds in English is that there are so many. Lots of people come from a language with fewer sounds, so some of the sounds in English sound the same. Bt there’s good news. You can start to hear the difference between vowels if you listen to enough pairs of words. You’re going to have all of the listening materials you need in this course. You have the videos to learn the concept, the audio to train the concept, and quizzes to test your ability to identify the correct word and sound—everything you need for a strong vowel and diphthong foundation.

Course: Consonants

Instead of summarizing the Consontants course, here's the full course outline. You can see the depth and detail involved! Can you imagine how good it would feel to master all of these consonant sounds?!? I wanted you to see the full outline so that you understand how much detail is involved in every one of my courses. I'm passionate about what I do and I think that really comes through in the details of the Academy and its courses!


Introduction to The Dark L How to Make the L Consonant Beginning L: Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Beginning L Words with Dark L Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with Dark L Listen & Repeat: Words with Dark L - Slow Motion Dark L Minimal Pairs: Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Dark L Minimal Pairs Test Yourself: Dark L Minimal Pairs Listen & Repeat: Dark L vs. OH [oʊ] Diphthong The Two TH Consonants 

Introduction to the TH [θ] [ð] Consonants How to make the TH [θ] [ð] Consonants Words with TH Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with TH TH Minimal Pairs Soundboard Listen & Repeat: TH Minimal Pairs Phrases with THE Listen & Repeat: Beginning Unstressed, Voiced TH [ð] Listen & Repeat: TH Sentences - Slow Motion Test Yourself: TH minimal pairs The T and D Consonants 

Introduction to the T Consonant How to Make the T [t] and D [d] Consonants Words with a True T Words that Begin with True T Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words that Begin with True T Words with a True T Soundboard Listen and Repeat: Words with a True T Words with a Stop T in the Middle Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with a Stop T in the Middle Words that End in a Stop T Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words that End in a Stop T Stop T vs. No T Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Stop T vs. No T Test Yourself: Stop T vs. No T Words with a Flap T Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with a Flap T Words with a Flap T after R Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with a Flap T after R Flap T + R, Flap T + L Flap T Focus: schwa-L [dəl] Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Flap T Focus: schwa-L [dəl] Flap T focus - Schwa-R [dəɹ] Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Flap T focus - Schwa-R [dəɹ] Sentences with Flap T - Slow motion Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Sentences with Flap T - Slow motion Listen & Repeat: Comparing Flap T with D The D [d] Consonant Words That Begin with D Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words That Begin with D Words with a D -- Middle or End Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with a D -- Middle or End  

The R Consonant Introduction: R [ɹ] How to Make the R [ɹ] Words with R [ɹ] Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with R [ɹ] Beginning R Phrases Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Beginning R Phrases Words that End in -er Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words that End in -er Words that End in a Different Vowel + r Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words that End in a Different Vowel + r Video: Vowels + R in the Same Syllable Words Like AIR [ɛəɹ] Soundboard  

Words Like AIR [ɛəɹ] Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words Like AIR [ɛəɹ] Words Like HEAR [ɪəɹ] Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words Like HEAR [ɪəɹ] Words like MORE [ɔɹ] Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words Like MORE [ɔɹ] AH + R [ɑɹ] Soundboard Listen & Repeat: AH + R [ɑɹ] R vs. W Soundboard Listen & Repeat: R vs. W Test Yourself: R vs. W Video: R vs. L R vs. L - Minimal Pairs - Beginning Sound Soundboard Listen & Repeat: ​R vs. L - Minimal Pairs - Beginning Sound​ R vs. L Minimal Pairs - Beginning Clusters Soundboard Listen & Repeat: R vs. L Minimal Pairs - Beginning Clusters R vs. L Minimal Pairs - Middle and End Soundboard Listen & Repeat: R vs. L Minimal Pairs - Middle and End Words with an R and an L Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with an R and an L Test Yourself: R vs. L - Minimal Pairs - Beginning Sound Test Yourself: R vs. L Minimal Pairs - Beginning Clusters Test Yourself: R vs. L Minimal Pairs - Middle and End  

Consonant Clusters When TR Sounds Like CHR Words that Begin with TR Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words that Begin with TR TR and R Minimal Pairs Soundboard Listen & Repeat: TR and R Minimal Pairs BR Cluster Soundboard Listen & Repeat: BR Cluster CR Cluster Soundboard Listen & Repeat: CR Cluster FR Cluster Soundboard Listen & Repeat: FR Cluster GR Cluster Soundboard Listen & Repeat: GR Cluster PR Soundboard Listen & Repeat: PR Cluster Clusters - Holding out the R Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Clusters - Holding out the R B, P, F, V  

Problems with V How to Make F [f] and V [v] Words with an F Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with a F Words that Begin with V Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words that Begin with V Ending V Minimal Pairs Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Ending V Minimal Pairs Test Yourself: Ending V Minimal Pairs V and W Sounds - Minimal Pairs Soundboard Listen & Repeat: V and W Sounds - Minimal Pairs Test Yourself: V and W Sounds - Minimal Pairs How to Make B [b] and P [p] Words with a B Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with a B Sentences with B and V Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Sentences with B and V Words with a P Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with a P Nasal Consonants M, N, NG  

How to Make M [m] M Beginning and Middle Soundboard Listen & Repeat: M Beginning and Middle Words That End In M Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words That End In M How to Make N [n] Words with N Soundboard Listen & Repeat: Words with N N Consonan

Course: Conversations

These lessons will have you understanding Americans and knowing how to imitate them in no time. What phrases do Americans use? What are their pronunciation habits?  

There are two kinds of conversations in this course: scripted conversations, which are a little slower and clearer, good for intermediate learners, and real English conversation from my life. These move at a fast pace and are great for advanced learners.  

Students always want more conversation analysis, and that’s exactly what you’ll get here. Each lesson begins with a Ben Franklin analysis exercise, where we pick apart the pronunciation. Then there will be audio soundboards for you to practice with, or imitation audio files for to you download and listen to for a more sit-back-and-listen experience.

Course: Listening Comprehension

Listening comprehension is a vital part of feeling comfortable in conversation—knowing that you’re going to ‘get it’. The exercises in this course are split up into two different levels. For intermediate students, there are exercises where you’re trying to identify content words. Those are the words that are going to be clearer in a phrase. For advanced learners, there are exercises based on function words. These are a lot harder to identify.  

This course goes beyond giving you the correct answers; there’s analysis too. So no matter what your level, you’re going to be able to learn from all of the exercises. Once you’ve done the test and studied the answers, the audio has been broken up for you into Listen & Repeat exercises: first you study for listening comprehension, then you work on the imitation and the pronunciation. You’re getting twice the benefit!

Course: International Phoenetic Alphabet

This course makes you fluent in the symbols for American English that you’ll see in dictionaries, my courses, and other resources. You’ll feel confident about which symbols represent which sounds. If you’re new to the symbols, getting up fluency is all you need to do in this course. But if you’re more advanced, you’ll have fun with the quizzes, where you’ll practice reading whole sentences in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Course: Hollywood

Watching TV or movies is a great way to relax. But it’s frustrating if you can’t understand them. In this course we take short scenes from TV and film and do what we love to do: analyze the speech. Each lesson has a Ben Franklin analysis video where we’ll make notes on everything we hear. Then there will be imitation exercises. Once you’ve studied it, and you get how it’s pronounced, you have the opportunity to work with it, at both regular pace and slow motion. You’ll imitate it, get used to the flow, and sound more American.

Course: Vlogs

A vlog is a video blog—people talking about their lives. My vlog has two benefits. First, it gives you more natural, conversational English to study. All lessons have imitation exercises based on the audio. Second, you’ll learn lots of phrases to use when talking about your life. I talk about my family, my friends, things I love, things I hate, things I’m worried about. So, by hearing these kinds of phrases in context, you’ll learn how to use them to express yourself in conversation.

The following courses are also part of the Academy. I'll be posting a full description here soon!

Phrasal Verbs


Stress I: Overview

Stress II: Stressed Words

Stress III: Words That Reduce

Live Class Replay 


"I think you're ready. See you in class!"